What is ARTribe?



ARTribe is a creators' team based in Japan and Germany, by artists for artists.
The aim is to respect ART and to grow the value of ART to the maximum and to improve the status of artists.
To continue to be a TRIBE of ARTISTS who share the same philosophy and ideals towards ART.
This is the meaning behind the company name 'ARTribe'.

Creativity and artistic values

We give shape to the artist's commitment. We aim to achieve the optimum solution for your project without compromise through chemical reactions using the world's standard Korite. Our professional artists and creators (Tribe) value their love and commitment to ART.

Our Team

We are a team of creators with a love of ART, who want to be a work of art before it is a commercial work. Based in Japan and Germany, we provide music to artists in Japan, Asia and Europe. Our aim is to spread Japan's proud Cool Japan content to Europe and to bring world-class music to Japan. This is ARTribe's strength, and we have artists who can realise this.